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Regarding the unofficial group.

Dear colleague

It is my duty to inform you that the Executive committee of Japan Wado-kai has taken the principled step to discount the unofficial breakaway Federation of Wado-Kai Europe and publicly state its support and recognition for the official Federation of European Wado-Kai. This is evident due to the  following facts, that Mr. Sakagami, has been instructed by Japan to conduct a Dan Grading at the Official European Cup in London in November. Plus senior instructors and Executive members of Japan Wado-Kai will also be in attendance to support the recognition of the Official F.E.W. The official Japanese delegation will comprise of, Mr Ashihara, Mr. Maeda, Mr. Yanagida, Mr. Shimamoto,
Mr. Murase and Mr. Matsui

The behavior of the unofficial group has been seen for what it is and will not be allowed to discredit the name of Wado-Kai. The propaganda of the unofficial group has become transparent and hypocritical as it vehemently rejects any role/involvement from Japan but has been openly begging for Japan to sanction its behavior. This has not and will not happen!

The unofficial group will perish and disappear as all those who have chosen to operate outside the real world and will only “play” if they make the rules! As the scramble for power by those who have no status in their own countries ensues the genuine members will have to abort all those who rely on opportunism.
The unofficial group has no status and will not be able to conduct official Dan grading and will thus be redundant for those who wish a bona fide recognized Dan grade from Japan.

The message is clear for those credible members of the unofficial group,  
1) come back to the negotiation table and start a real dialogue with people who are genuine and will defend an independent F.E.W.
2) Distance yourselves from those who are refusing to release the funds of the official F.E.W. before your good name is linked to fraud! Legal action has now commenced
3) Attend the A.G.M of the official F.E.W. at which Mr. Matsui and Mr. Ashiara will address the membership
4) postpone the Budapest tournament until 2007 or 2008  This is the way forward if they are genuine in their claims to be committed to a honest open Wado-Kai of Europe?

Colleagues, the official F.E.W. is now twenty countries strong with many members who are at the fore front of karate in W.K.F, E.K.F. and respective National Governing Bodies. This is the true body for Wado-Kai in Europe. So don’t be misled.  

Yours truly,
David Finch
General Secretary
Federation of European Wado-Kai

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